Wolf Garten LUGM Multi-Change Hand Fork Cultivation Tool Head 7.5cm


Wolf Garten Multi-ChangeĀ® Hand Fork 7.5cm for planting and transplanting, High-quality robust design with four strong tines, Narrow pointed shape tines, Handy yet sturdy multi-star hand fork

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Wolf Garten Multi-Change® Hand Fork 7.5cm – For planting and transplanting; high-quality robust design with four strong tines. Thanks to the narrow, pointed shape of its tines, this handy yet sturdy LU-GM multi-star Hand Fork enables effortless, root-friendly planting and transplanting in light and medium soils.
All multi-star handles are suitable for the LU-GM Hand Fork. 

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Weight 419.1 g
Dimensions 309 × 45 × 80 mm