Pair of Moldex 9430 ABEK1P3 R D Pre-assembled Filters (2)


Suitable for Series 7000 and 9000 Masks, Bayonet connector, Particulate filters can either be connected with the gas cartridges or directly with the mask body, Adaptors and particular pre-filters are not necessary, Simpler Logistics – 30% less parts

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Moldex ABEK1P3 R D Pre-assembled Filter MOL9430

EASYLOCK Filters for Series 7000 & 9000 masks. No need for additional clips or holders, different gas and particulate filters can be combined. EasyLock® particulate filters can either be connected to the EasyLock® gas cartridge or directly to the mask body. Adapters or particulate pre-filters are not necessary.

A1B1E1K1P3 R D protection against organic + inorganic gases and vapours + acid gases and ammonia, boiling point > 65°C. Plus protection against harmful and carcinogenic dusts, fumes and aerosols based on water and oil.

10 x Workplace exposure limit (half mask)

20 x Workplace exposure limit (full face mask)

or 1,000 ppm whichever is lower

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Weight 278 g
Dimensions 250 × 75 × 190 mm