Ohropax Soft 10 Foam Earplugs SNR23dB x 3 Packs


OHROPAX Soft Earplugs are made from Polyurethane expanding Foam SNR32dB Noise Protection, Discrete and skin-coloured the anatomically shaped plugs expand and apply gentle impact to fit the ear canal, The special surface texture additionally improves the fit

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OHROPAX Soft is an anatomically shaped earplug made of special skin-friendly soft foam in a discrete colour, making it practically unnoticeable. It gently expands inside the ear canal and provides comfortable and reliable noise protection. OHROPAX Soft has a wide range of possible uses, for example at the workplace, for concentrated reading, for DIY activities and when exposed to loud music. It is also recommended for use for relaxation and undisturbed sleep. Because the product's sound insulation curve remains relatively linear throughout the entire frequency range, the sound sensations remain nearly unchanged, which is especially beneficial when it comes to musical enjoyment.

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Weight 107.8 g
Dimensions 180 × 24 × 95 mm