MyCoal Hand Warmers Simple Safe Lightweight Very Warm – 20 Pairs


MyCoal Hand Warmers Simple, Safe, Lightweight and Very Warm, Ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds, if you are Skiing or just supporting beside the pitch!, Simply open the packet to expose Mycoal Handwarmers to the air and they start to work

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MyCoal Hand Warmers – Simply open this packet to expose Mycoal Hand Warmers to the air and they start to work. Simple, Safe, Lightweight and Very Warm. Manufactured with a care and attention to detail that cheaper competitors cannot match, these show their superiority in terms of reliability, longevity and heat output. When a product is such a simple one, even the tiniest point has a bearing on its performance.

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Weight 736 g
Dimensions 155 × 50 × 110 mm