Multi Vendor Disposable Ear Plug Variety Trial Pack 3M Honeywell Moldex – 11 Pairs


Multi Vendor Disposable Soft Foam Earplug Variety Trial Pack – 11 Pairs Individually wrapped, Moldex 7800 Spark Plugs, 7600 MelLows, 7700 Pura-Fit, 7400 Contours (small), 7403 Contours (Regular) , 3M 1100’s, 3M E.A.R Classic (Pillow Pack), 3M Soft FX

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Brands Included :- Moldex, Honeywell, 3M – Multi-Vendor Earplug Sample Selection, comprises 11 Pairs of soft foam earplugs. Standards and quality in hearing PPE cannot be compromised and all the manufactures featured in this sample pack are well recognised as the leading quality brands in this area. However ultimate fit and comfort during use is a little more subjective. It is generally assumed an earplug is an earplug, who knew earplugs came in different sizes, for example? or offer different levels of noise protection? This sample pack has been put together to enable buyers to get the required level of protection and identifiy the size and shape that works most effectively and comfortably. For actual use please follow the manufacturers directions.


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Weight 21 g
Dimensions 180 × 24 × 170 mm