MOLDEX Series AirPlus 304512 Reusable Mask FFP3 RD Ventex® Valve


Moldex AirPlus 340512 Reusable FFP3 R D 3000 Series mask – provides protection against Dust, Mist & fumes, Reusable FFP3 Mask, Washable full face seal made of comfortable TPE which is gentle on the skin, Pleated filter technology 260% more surface area, strong and durable structure, keeps the mask in shape ActivForm®

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Moldex AirPlus 3405-12 Reusable FFP3 R D 3000 Series mask – Air Plus FFP masks offer an anatomically shaped TPE full face seal, which is similar to that of a half mask. This ensures an extra comfortable and secure fit. The face seal can be washed and disinfected. Air Plus masks are classed as reusable which offers waste and overall cost reductions. The Moldex AirWave®pleated filter technology allows for a large filter surface within the FFP masks of the Air series. This ensures low breathing resistance for easy breathing over a sustained period. A skin-friendly inner fleece layer and an adjustable woven strap ensure additional comfort for the wearer. The flexible ActivForm® 3D design adapts automatically to the shape of the wearers face and their facial movements. As a result, Air Plus FFP masks are easy to wear and sit securely and comfortably on the skin at all times, without the need for a nose clip. A DuraMesh® structure preserves the shape of the mask under even the most testing conditions. 

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Weight 75.7 g
Dimensions 230 × 70 × 230 mm