Moldex 6700 Jazz-Band SNR 23dB Banded Earplugs


Increased comfort through reduced band pressure and improved pods, Banded earplugs with dual material design, Practical grip points

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Moldex 6700 Jazz-Band is the cost effective and convenient option against intermittent noise throughout the day.
The dual material technology reduces noise transmission and the neck cord has a safety release mechanism. This hearing protection equipment has a single number rating (SNR) of 23 (H25 M19 L18).
The Moldex MOL6700 Banded Earplugs Jazz has comfortable foam pods which are replaceable. Please note that the replacement foam pods come under product code 6750. All Moldex products and packaging are PVC-Free. Moldex foam earplugs are made of polyurethane and Moldex disposable respirators are made primarily of polypropylene. Moldex has taken a leadership position among global PPE manufacturers in minimizing our environmental impact. They began with the complete elimination of PVC which is linked to one of the most environmentally toxic materials in landfill disposal and this initiative has now grown into a corporate culture that constantly looks to manufacture innovative products that minimize environmental impact.

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Weight 36 g
Dimensions 200 × 23 × 170 mm