Harris Essentials 101092004 Decorating Set 11 Piece


Contains 1 x 9″/4″ Roller Tray, 1 x 9″/4″ Roller Frame and 1 x 9″/4″ Roller Sleeve, 1 x Sanding Block and 1 x 3 Pack Paint Brushes, For use on interior walls, ceilings and woodwork, Ideal for general painting

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Essentials Decorating Set 11 Pieces – For use on interior walls, ceilings and woodwork. For best results, rinse light coloured brush heads and roller sleeves before use to remove any dust. For dark bristle brushes and foam roller sleeves rub with a clean hand before use to remove any dust particles. Do not wet. Brushes with light grey and white bristles should be used with water based emulsion paints, wash these with warm soapy water. Brushes with black bristles are for use with gloss, satin, and eggshell paints, these require speacliased cleaners to wash, please refer to manufacturers instructions. Emulsion rollers are fluffy in texture and are washed the same as emulsion brushes. 

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Weight 906.3 g
Dimensions 395 × 55 × 305 mm