Harris Essentials 101091008 Block Brush 4″


Harris Essentials Block Brush 4″, General brush for use with all paints, Emulsion paint – wash in warm soapy water

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Harris Essentials Block Brush 4in – This is a general brush that can be used with all paints.

What is a Block Brush and what can it be used for? A brush block, or back, is manufactured through the drilling of holes and insertion of fill tufts [bristle's] into those holes. The fill material used in the brush for the bristles can be natural, synthetic or metal. The uses for block brushes are virtually limitless, as they are fantastic all-purpose brushes. A few examples of general applications for block brushes are: applying, pushing, removing, cleaning, scrubbing, spreading. Most Block brushes can be used with water or oil-based paints but it is recommended checking the bristle's material type is compatible with the intended paint formulation.

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Weight 148.2 g
Dimensions 260 × 50 × 120 mm