Energizer Small Metal Light 3 LED Bright Lightweight Pocket Sized uses AAA


Energizer 3 LED Metal Light Bright White LEDs Provides 21 lumens of light, Useable light for 10 hours between battery changes, Wrist lanyard, Fits into Pocket, Toolbox, Briefcase, Bike Pouch, Purse, Duffle bag, Glove box, Back pack

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The Energizer 3 LED Metal Light provides the light output of many larger lights in a compact size. It fits comfortably in your hand and has an attached wrist lanyard. In addition, the bright, longlasting light and durability make it an economical personal lighting solution. Fits in a Small bag, Pocket, Backpack, Vehicle glove box. Lightweight, you can take it anywhere. Intense bright illumination, Impact resistant. Torch Dimensions 100.3mm x 35mm, Requires 3xAAA Batteries, Colour – Gunmetal Grey. Batteries NOT included.

Energizer®’s aim is to enrich people's lives through light, leading the way with insight and innovation. Energizer® have been an industry leader in portable lighting since founder Conrad Hubert invented the world's first handheld torch back in 1898. From converting the Energizer® range to LED to the development of Light Fusion Technology, Energizer® has led the category in technological and performance advances.

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Weight 899 g
Dimensions 170 × 45 × 200 mm