Deltaplus Venitex NI015 Light Nitrile Vulcanised Gloves General Use Ventilated Back 1 Pair Yellow Size 10


Delta Plus NI015 Light Nitrile Gloves Light nitrile-coated and vulcanized (latex acrylonitrile butadiene) , All-purpose, protective gloves with High Dexterity – Available in 5 sizes, Light nitrile-coating on interlock cotton lining

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Delta Plus NI015 Light Nitrile Gloves with nitrile coating on interlock cotton lining with a knitted wrist and a ventilated back. These highly dexterous, all-purpose, protective gloves are for mechanical risks and general use, with no chemical, microbiological, electrical or thermal hazards. They are made to EN420 / EN388 safety standards.

Size & Dimensions
Size 7   Palm  Width  70mm    Length 190mm
Size 8   Palm  Width  80mm    Length 195mm
Size 9   Palm  Width  90mm    Length 200mm
Size 10 Palm Width 100mm  Length 205mm
Size 11 Palm Width   110mm  Length 210mm

Additional information

Weight 68 g
Dimensions 235 × 24 × 165 mm