Deltaplus FBF50 Cowhide 3M Thinsulate™ Lined Glove Size 09 Cold Protection to -30°C


Delta Plus FBF50 3M THINSULATE™ lined Cowhide Leather Grain Glove, 3M Thinsulate™ / Humidity and cold resistance to -30°C, Suitable for protection against Humidity and Cold – Industrial sectors include Civil Engineering & Construction, Second Work / Craftsman, Service & Logistics, Thumb & Forefinger constructed with separate leather panel for strength and durability, Comfort, suitable for hard wearing winter gloves, with Clip Fastener

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Delta Plus FBF50 3M Thinsulate™ lined Cowhide Leather Grain Gloves – Made from Gunn Cut full grain cowskin leather and with humidity and cold resistance, these gloves are for mechanical risks, thermal risks (-30°C maximum) against convective cold and contact cold and for handling in a dry atmosphere, not for exposure to chemical, electrical or micro-organism risks. They are also made to EN420 / EN388 / EN511 safety standards.

Size / Dimensions
Size 9   Palm Width   90mm   Length  200mm Black Band
Size 10 Palm Width    100mm  Length   205mm Blue    Band

Additional information

Weight 157 g
Dimensions 280 × 25 × 250 mm