Delta Plus Toutravo VE509NO06 Neoprene Waterproof Airtight Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Work Safety Gloves Size 6


Delta Plus Toutravo VE509 Neoprene Protective Air-tight, Heat Resistant, Waterproof Gloves, Flocked lining – for comfort / absorbs perspiration, Good abrasion resistance, Latex-Free 100% Neoprene Outer with 100% Cotton Flocked lining

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Delta Plus Toutravo VE509 Neoprene Protective Gloves – These Air-tight, Heat resistant, Waterproof, Abrasion resistant gloves are made with 100% Neoprene outer and 100% Cotton flocked lining for comfort and to absorb perspiration. These high dexterity gloves provide excellent protection against chemicals. Suitable for all kinds of Commercial & Domestic applications offering protection from Water, Alcohol, Hydrocarbons and Greases. Designed for general use against mechanical and chemical risks, without electrical and thermal risks. and are made to EN420 / EN388 / EN374-3 safety standards.

Size / Dimensions:-
Size 6 Palm Width 60mm
Size 7 Palm Width 70mm
Size 8 Palm Width 80mm
Size 9 Palm Width 90mm
Size 10 Palm Width 100mm
All Sizes Length 30cm

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Weight 109 g
Dimensions 353 × 25 × 250 mm