Briers Tight Fit Gardening Gloves – Rubber Palm – Blue Medium Size


Briers Seed & Weed Gardening Gloves – Often thought of as a second skin, the Seed & Weed is perfect for those delicate tasks around the garden, Where grip, dexterity and a greater sense of touch are required whilst still offering protection, Smooth, protective and waterproof nitrile coating

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Briers Seed & Weed Gardening Gloves – Often thought of as a second skin, the Seed & Weed is perfect for those delicate tasks around the garden, where grip, dexterity and a greater sense of touch are required whilst still offering protection. Smooth, protective and waterproof nitrile coating Seamless, super soft, stretchable, breathable liner for dexterity and comfort. Elasticated, comfy fitting cuff keeps out dirt & debris, Snug fitting and designed
for maximum dexterity, grip and superb sense of touch.

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Weight 58 g
Dimensions 300 × 24 × 250 mm