Small Ears?


Did you know that we, as humans, do not the same sized ear canals? Ear canals tend to keep in ratio with the size of the human being- thus smaller people tend to have smaller and shorter ear canals. A lot of earplugs on the market are designed with average to larger ears in mind.


We, at Just Online, stock a number of ‘slim’ and ‘small’ earplugs, perfect for the smaller user. Companies such as Moldex and Howard Leight have started to manufacture smaller plugs- and Just Online has taken the move to stock a number of these products for the online retail market. At our website, you’ll find a broad array of earplugs, and an even better selection of smaller earplugs, at


This blog post will explore a selection of smaller earplugs we stock at our website- and the specifications and different design aspects included in some of our products.


Earplugs for Smaller Ears: A Selection


  1. The first product, sold by Just Online, we will look at is the Moldex Contours Natural Shape Adapting Earplugs, (Size Small). These plugs are contoured to provide great comfort for the user- the smallest point of the plugs meeting the narrowest point of the ear canal to relieve pressure in the ear. These plugs are also shorter than other Moldex products, making them perfect for customers with shorter ear canals, who find larger plugs uncomfortable.
  2. Mack’s Slim Fit Soft Foam Earplugs (pack of 10 pairs) is another option for those with smaller ear canals. To be found at These plugs have a slightly lower NRR rating than the above former product, at 29 dB to 35 dB. However, one does get more plugs included in this option, with 10 pairs for £3.75. These Mack’s plugs are manufactured in bright purple for ease of sight and identification and also come with a free travel case for stress-free transportation. These plugs are made out of super low-pressure foam and are slow releasing in the ear canal. This product is slightly larger than Just Online’s Moldex product, although it is still smaller than many plugs on the market. We would recommend this product to those who need a constant and consistent collection of plugs that will deliver for them time and time again.
  3. Honeywell’s subsidiary company, Howard Leight, (Specialists in protective wear) offer their own small earplugs. We stock these on Just Online at These plugs are reusable and come with a box to protect the product for further use. These plugs come in at £4.99 for a single pair- so are more of an investment than Mack’s product. However, one should note that the reusability of these earplugs makes them more environmentally friendly and possibility more economical for the buyer. These plugs are also designed to avoid overprotection ( The plugs are very small, short and pronged for those with smaller ears- and come with an attached cord for safety and ease of use. Just Online would recommend these plugs for the worker or individual with small ears who needs to be able to hear high frequencies and needs a pair of earplugs that are durable and reliable.  
  4. An always consistent and high-quality product at Just Online is Ohropax’s Classic Earplugs. An interesting history of their long running company can be found at These earplugs are not specially designed for smaller ear canals, however, they sit atop the ear canal and do not penetrate the inner ear. One can buy 12 of them for £ 4.33. These plugs come in a high-quality plastic case. They are generally marketed to the public and all consumers. They would be perfect for those who want normal sized, high quality, non-penetrative earplugs. You can find them at



Which plugs are right for me?


Deciding which these four plugs are right for you depends on what you want from our smaller earplugs. Each plug has specifications and adaptations that make very different products. We at Just Online advise you to explore the product descriptions above to make an informed decision about which small plugs are right for you!