We as consumers, travellers and readers of media are starting to hear more and more about RFID and its dangers in relation to stolen identity. However, do we really know the facts about this now famous acronym? RFID is used all over the world: from tracking stock to enabling contactless payments on credit and debit cards.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a short wave, short distance, radio transmittance at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, about the same as our car radios! RFID works via a chip with an aerial and a receptor. Many companies have started using RFID as a complement to traditional bar codes. There are a number of benefits to RFID such as not needing a human to focus a sensor to effectively transmit data, proximity being enough. Select Files

tracking (in warehouses and manufacturing).

In our contemporary landscape, RFID is used, positively, in many areas of business and commerce. Most contactless card transactions employ the system, as do various forms of


However, with this increase in RFID usage, we open up the possibilities of misuse. Personal documents and items such as passports, debit and credit cards are vulnerable to RFID swipers (machines in the area) that can access the aerials on our Radio Frequency Identification-enabled devices. The information persons, misusing RFID swipers, can access is small, but important. An unprotected passport will offer up to a swiper, at a minimum, your name and, at maximum, your name, country of origin and passport number. In relation to cards, an illegal use of RFID could, at maximum, result in a person being able to make a single large purchase from your debit or credit account. These risks aren’t devastating but are undoubtedly worth protecting against. Personal information should always be protected and purchasing a RFID resistant wallet or holder is a very small step towards peace of mind.


As stated above, RFID works via electromagnetic waves. These waves have a hard time penetrating through metal- especially high-frequency waves that transfer data the quickest.
Hence, the latest innovation in travel and personal holders being relatively cheap. To protect against RFID identity theft, one simply needs a passport or wallet with a metal film inserted into the object.


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With a growing market for data protection, these products are the easiest, and one of the cheapest first steps to ensure your privacy.