Cultivating a healthy, thriving, garden requires constant attention. One of the most time-consuming tasks it that of pruning.

We, as gardeners, prune to allow for the continued growth of plants. Pruning gets rid of dead plant life that restricts said growth. This important task requires an understanding of the different types of secateurs available- and how they relate to different types of flora and fauna we often have to deal with in our gardens.

Just Online stocks two different types of secateurs: anvil pruners and bypass pruners. These two types of pruners are tailored towards different types of gardening.

Anvil pruners have two blades that snap down directly on each other, crunching and grinding thick branches and stumps. Bypass pruners have two blades that cross over each other, providing a precise and sharp cut. Bypass pruners are designed for gardeners wanting to cut delicate small plants and flowers.

Picking the right secateur for your gardening needs is essential to getting the best out of your purchase.

Just Online offers secateurs along a spectrum of precision and strength.

Our strongest cutter is the Wilkinson Sword Anvil Pruner (with teeth). ( This pruner is excellent for cutting wood, branches and older dead growth.·The blade on this pruner is serrated with teeth for extra grip while separating old growth from your garden.

The most robust bypass secateur we stock is the Wilkson Sword Bypass Pruner ( This steel blade bypass secateur is perfect for cutting younger stems and branches, that offer less resistance than the older, dead plant life mentioned above.

Moving along our spectrum of pruners, we find more precise lightweight secateurs designed for cutting off flowerheads and stems. For those gardeners seeking to tidy up their flowerbeds.

Our cheaper lightweight pruner is the Wilkinson Sword Aluminum Bypass Pruner ( These secateurs have a lightweight aluminum body, and carbon steel blades. Allowing for ease of use in delicate pruning situations!

Our lightest and most precise secateurs are the Wilkinson Sword Large Razorcut Comfort Bypass Pruner (in cast aluminum). ( These pruners have the most precise blade and cutting action of all the products we stock. The item’s cast aluminum handles, allow for lightweight use. Additionally, these pruners are ergonomically designed with rubber handle buffers to absorb shock.

Just Online hopes that this specific knowledge allows you to get the right type of secateur for your summer gardening ventures!