Spikey is a cheap, durable and well-designed product for mitigating against drink spiking in bars.


Drink spiking using (extra) alcohol, LSD, Rohypnol, or prescription drugs is a common and unfortunate criminal activity.


Governments have taken many measures to help stop drink spiking, such as increasing awareness of the crime and increasing punishments for it. The public also has become more aware of drink spiking and is becoming more cautious about leaving their drinks unattended.


These are all useful developments in the fight against the spiking of drinks.


An additional innovation in the prevention of spiking is a product launched by Spikey at http://www.spikey.co.uk/.


This anti-spiking product fits tightly in bottles, blocking the entrance from being open to having additional substances added. The Spikey seal is incredibly hard to get out of the bottle, preventing tampering. The item has a small hole for the insertion of a straw, the pressure built up in the straw with its insertion into the hole helps stop individuals putting substances down the straw. Spikey also manufactures their blockers in bright visible colours so that you and bar-owners can check for Spikey’s presence in bottles.


In an ideal world society would condition and teach its members, not to spike, and respect bodily agency and authority- and this is something we can all look towards. However, the supplying of Spikeys to bar’s customers is a good first step in terms of prevention.    


A selection of Spikey’s products can be found online at https://www.justonline.co.uk/product-category/personal-safety/anti-drink-spiking/.