We at Just Online stock a toothbrush designed for use during travel. One shouldn’t have to compromise on one’s oral health when travelling abroad.


The world of travel products has offered up to us mini travel shampoo, ergonomically designed deodorant and tiny toothpastes that all comply with increasingly stringent airport security restrictions.


The specialist travel product company Go Travel has manufactured a new toothbrush, which we, at Just Online, stock at: https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/design-go-sonic-traveller-toothbrush/. This product, the Sonic Action Toothbrush- has a vibration level of 20,000 per minute. This quick vibration level allows for a deep clean.


This brush comes with a well designed case for easy transportation. The product is also designed so that the user can swap brush heads when worn out. Go Travel includes with the brush a set of batteries for ease of use while travelling.


One can look up other great travel items that Just Online stocks at: https://www.justonline.co.uk/product-category/travel/.