Entirely stopping snoring is a complex medical process that one should consult a doctor about. However, there are some small preventative measures individuals can take to reduce the impact of snoring. The first step towards preventing and mitigating snoring is to understand it.


Snoring is caused by a relaxation and narrowing of the airways and muscles in your throat and head. This relaxation, and narrowing, produces a change in the speed and pressure of your breathing, while asleep. This change causes a vibration of the soft muscles in one’s throat, causing loud noise. Overtime snoring can get worse, with age, obesity, alcohol intake and smoking.


While we suggest one seeks medical advice for increasingly worse snoring, there are small measures we can advise to mitigate the effects of snoring on you, your partner, and family.  One can take simple steps, from losing weight, drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking to lying on one’s side while sleeping. Increasing cardiovascular fitness is another key step to mitigating snoring, that also starts to address the problem of obesity and its link to snoring. Reducing snoring can often make you feel more rested and less groggy when waking up.


Just Online stocks a number of products that can help with the effects of snoring such as noise and closed airways.


SnoreAway Max Earplugs for Snoring from SENSE (SNR 37dB, 10 pairs) (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/sense-snoreaway-max-earplugs-extreme-softness-and-comfort-sleeping-aid-snr37db-10-pairs/). These are large soft foam earplugs, that are self-expanding. One rolls the foam of the earplugs tightly and allows them to expand in the ear. This filling of the ear allows for high-quality sound blockage, perfect for snoring.


Snore Calm Chin-Up Strips (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/snore-calm-chin-up-strips-10-strips/) These strips help prevent your mouth from falling wide open during sleep. The chance of one snoring when predominately breathing from the mouth is very large. These strips aid you in naturally breathing through the nose. They also help CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) users. By preventing mouth leaks and sore throats.


Nozovent (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/nozovent-medium/). These interior nose plugs keep your nasal airways open via flexible pads (polyeteramid). This product is slightly more high maintenance than other items listed by Just Online, requiring cleaning and replacement after 3 months.


Rhynil Spray for Nose & Mouth (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/rhynil-spray-for-nose-mouth-35ml/) This spray relieves the tension and narrowing of one’s airways mentioned above. It uses a natural herb called Euphrasia Officinalis. Rhynil also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can help with with colds and catarrh.  


Macks Dreamweaver Sleep Mask- Including Earplugs (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/macks-dreamweaver-sleep-mask-including-earplugs/). This combined package of sleep mask and earplugs provides a sustained and consistent aid to sleep in the face of snoring, masking stimuli from bright light to outside noise. The sleep mask is contoured for comfort, giving the user enough space to open and shut their eyes all while remaining in darkness.


One of the most googled questions in relation to snoring is “how to stop snoring.”

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. However, Just Online has a dedicated stock of items for mitigating the effects and symptoms of snoring. The noise we make when we sleep shouldn’t affect the way we live our lives. Take even a few of the simple steps above to start lessening the impact snoring has on you!