Most people when looking for ear plugs have a standard soft foam, twin set option in mind. It is these infamous ear plugs that are so widely available and marketed to the general public. However, the ear plug market now offers a diverse range of modifications and specifications to suit different usages. One incredibly practical innovation in earplug design is the corded earplug.


The corded earplug has been developed for the specific needs of customers looking for flexible and consistent protection from noise.


The addition of a cord to earplugs allows the user to easily take plugs in and out without losing them.


This developed ease of use and connectedness works well for those who need to use earplugs consistently and continuously. Websites such as ‘Earplugs Guide’ ( recommend corded plugs for those working in factories, and those who shoot.


Just Online, however, recommends corded plugs for the general marketplace. Even individual users deserve strong, durable and flexible plugs!  


Just Online stocks a number of corded plugs- three of which will be discussed below:


One of the most economic options Just Online offers is the Moldex Rocket Cord Earplugs ( costing £2.42. These plugs are perfect for the customer looking for safety equipment ergonomically designed for comfort and adaptability at a competitive price. This specific type of Moldex earplug is designed to be reusable, and comfortable. They are also produced in bright colours, useful for the consumer who needs to be able to find his or her plugs quickly and the employer who needs to be able to do quick compliance checks on earplug usage. Unlike a large amount of cordless, single-use ear safety products, these plugs are notched for security, when in the ear, making them less likely to fall out when in use.


Another, almost equally, economic option offered by Just Online is the Howard Leight AirSoft 1030612 Corded (with case) ( costing £.2.65. This product, stocked by Just Online, has a firm but flexible red cord that is slightly thinner than a headphone cable. The cord has some traction, when pulled straight it often curls up again, taking up less space. The cord itself stretches to just over half a metre, making it ideal for those with a large head circumference and broader shoulders. These plugs come with a durable, lightweight plastic case. The case comes with a side clip for easy storage on the body.


At a slightly higher point in Just Online’s range, is the Howard Leight Bilsom Clarity Earplugs (                                                                                                                       costing £.5.99. This particular Just Online, stocked, product has a strong, reinforced cord. The cord is wrapped in a criss-cross woven material, allowing for durability in use. The cord also comes with two plastic pull tabs, that allow the user to tighten or loosen the ends of the cord connected to the plugs.


The plugs themselves are designed to cut out low-frequency noise from work and machines while retaining high-frequency noise key to our safety such as alarms and shouting. These plugs are made to counter the idea of “overprotection” whereby the worker or individual consumer is overprotected from useful sound that is conducive to our safety.


These Bilsom Clarity Plugs are, like the two other products mentioned, reusable and cleanable.


Just Online also stocks other corded earplugs which can be found at


We at Just Online hope this short blog post will help you, as a consumer, explore the varied world of the earplug market. The best way to find the most suitable plugs is to understand the needs one has, and the most effective plugs for dealing with said needs. Knowing all about the variety of corded earplugs on offer will hopeful make your decision as a customer and consumer easier and far more informed.