Our Best Sleep Masks

Plus do Sleep Masks really work?


Various articles online can be found to support the utility of sleep masks for certain people. A good and concise article of the effectiveness of sleep masks can be found at https://www.sleepio.com/articles/sleep-aids/sleep-mask/. Most articles on sleep masks suggest that they can aid in the reduction of light disturbance and resultant dips in the product of melatonin needed for deep and restful sleeping. Individuals, by nature, will be differently sensitive to light during sleep.  Often very deep sleepers who struggle to wake up in the morning will not need to use a sleep mask, as they are under-sensitive to light. However, many people struggle to sleep and are very sensitive to light. For those affected by nighttime light, the modern world can be a struggle- with LED’s projecting blue light from computers, phones and chargers. LED’s in electronic devices are some of the worst offenders for affecting sleep patterns.  


One can start by developing good habits such as keeping away from caffeine, computers and other sources of electronic light, at least, 30 mins before going to sleep. However, there are factors we, as sleepers, cannot control such as outdoor light, or light coming from other parts of the house, such as family member’s or flatmates rooms. Sleep masks can effectively aid one in blocking out these uncontrolled light sources. Cutting down disturbing light to a satisfactory minimum will result in a rise of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which is considered the most restful and recovery focused stage of sleep by many scientists. Making sure you achieve the right amount of REM sleep is a key part of feeling rested when you wake up. Hence, the need for us to take measures to maintain REM in a world that works to disturb our sleep patterns.


We at Just Online: https://www.justonline.co.uk/ stock a number of high quality, effective sleep masks to help achieve long and restful sleep. Keep reading to see our list that contains product descriptions, and personal recommendations from the Just Online team.



Just Online’s Sleep Masks:



  1. Macks Dreamweaver Sleep Mask (£.4.71) https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/macks-dreamweaver-sleep-mask-including-earplugs/. This product is a great all round mask. It is reusable, washable, comfortable, contoured and lightweight. The Dreamweaver Sleep Mask also comes with earplugs for an all around restful sleep. The contour shape is ergonomically designed to give the eyes enough room to move- especially useful for the REM stage of sleep, where the eyes move around a good deal. The product also contains two adjustable straps for trouble free use for those who toss and turn at night. This mask is manufactured in black, for discreet use.  
  2. Go Travel- The Nightshade Luxury Contoured Sleeping Mask (£.5.22) https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/go-travel-the-nightshade-luxury-contoured-sleeping-mask/. This mask is ergonomically designed for travel with a large and broad back strap for keeping your eye cover on through bumpy rides. It has soft, tactile material on both sides for added comfort. This mask is less contoured than the Macks product but provides for a tighter fit during travel.  
  3. Macks Dreamgirl Hot Pink Contoured Eye Mask (£. 7.31)  https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/macks-dreamgirl-hot-pink-contoured-eye-mask/. This eye mask is manufactured to the same standards as the Macks Dreamweaver Sleep Mask- but is coloured in Hot Pink for the discerning man or woman who wants a more colourful mask. (We emphasise that it’s not just for girls!)


Which Eye Mask should I get?


The best sleep mask for you depends on a few factors, however, we at Just Online recommend the two Macks’ products for those needing to use eye masks at home to consistently block out sources of disruptive light. We recommend the Go Travel mask for those need to get sleep on long journeys and need a product that is robust and durable.


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