Why do we use cotton buds, out of habit and tradition? More and more scientific and medical advice is telling us to ditch the cotton buds, bung the q-tips and stop penetrating our ears with foreign objects.


There are a number of reasons for this:


Firstly, earwax can be good for your ears- protecting your canals from infection. Wax clogs the canal, stopping easy access for bacteria. In a normal state of health ear, wax moves out of one’s ear with skin growth-naturally limiting the amount of wax in the ear. Unless wax has built up to the level when hearing and health are affected, wax often doesn’t have to be forcibly removed.


Secondly, cotton buds can pose the risk of shoving earwax deeper into one’s ear canal causing gunk to clog around the eardrum. This, in medical terms, is called cerumen impaction.


Thirdly, cotton buds can irritate the inner canal of the ear, via the friction caused by pushing the bud down one’s ear. Doctor’s report, many, people complaining of the broken and irritated skin caused by constant cleaning of the ears via q-tip. Using too much force with cotton buds can also cause ruptures in the eardrum- breakages that will heal but that cause permanent damage to our hearing.


Finally, for anyone seriously abusing cotton bud use, by using lots of force, there is a danger of definitively rupturing the delicate ear bones behind the eardrum- causing serious harm to an individual’s hearing.


We at Just Online stock Mack’s Wax Away Earwax Removal System (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/macks-wax-away-earwax-removal-system/). This product gives the customer a gentle, delicate and non-invasive alternative to the q-tip. The saline water droplets are targeted to loosen excess earwax around the outside of the ear.


We at Just Online hope that this information has helped you make an informed decision about how to maintain your ears’ health. Habit does not have to decide our health, hopefully, we will all give up the bad routine of sticking cotton buds up our ears.