We all remember learning about pH levels at school. The lower the number the more acidic, the higher the more alkali, right? But do you know the pH number of your skin? Surprisingly, our skin is slightly acidic with an average pH level of 5.5! This is why we erode delicate things when touching them and why people, such as curators and historians, often wear gloves when handling old and precious items.


Furthermore, maintaining a pH level around 5.5 is essential to maintaining the proper health of our skin. Too alkali and skin becomes dry and itchy, too acidic our skin becomes oily. So, it seems sensible to use soap, shower gel and shampoo that maintains, and supports, a healthy pH balance.


Just Online offers a broad range of skin care products launched by the German company Sebamed that help maintain this vital pH level. In contrast to old fashioned alkali-based soaps- Sebamed’s range is tailored around maintaining the ‘acid mantle’ of your skin.


Just Online stocks, what we consider, some of the best products offered by Sebamed in the UK.


This short blog post will detail for you some of the interesting skin care items we offer directly from our site.


Sebamed Everyday Shampoo 200ml. (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/sebamed-everyday-shampoo-200ml/). This ‘Everyday Shampoo’ is a lotion specially designed to help balance the levels of your hair via its botanical basis. The shampoo is very gentle and can be consistently used on one’s hair, roots and scalp. Advised for those who wish to help maintain the structural integrity of their hair.


Another popular product on Just Online is the Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash Pump 1000ml. (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/sebamed-liquid-face-and-body-wash-pump-1000ml/) This is a great economic option- the product offers 1000ml of shower gel to last you a very decent amount time. This body wash supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle. It also contains natural moisturisers, Allantoin and Pentavitin, that leave the skin soft and smooth.


A product specifically designed for your face is Sebamed’s Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam, 150ml.  https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/sebamed-clear-face-antibacterial-cleansing-foam-150ml This product is designed specifically for delicate facial skin that is prone to acne and other blemishes. The facial wash contains a coconut oil derivative called Montaline® C40. Sebamed’s product would be perfect for those needing to fight against oily skin with a mild foam that is not too harsh on the face. As with all of Sebamed’s releases, this item is designed in relation to an understanding of the skin’s pH levels and chemical balance.


Sebamed has widely marketed itself as a company producing products that are delicate and non-damaging to babies. Just Online stocks a number of these high-quality products that are specifically designed towards the functions of baby’s skin. Keep on scrolling to see our review of our favourite Sebamed baby product!


Baby Sebamed Children’s Shampoo (150 ml.) (https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/baby-sebamed-childrens-shampoo-150ml/) This is an extremely delicate shampoo, that should aid against tears during bathtime! The item is 100% soap and alkali free- in line with the majority of Sebamed’s products. Sebamed Children’s Shampoo also contains herbal chamomile extracts to reduce irritation.


Just Online also stocks other baby products, which can be found at https://www.justonline.co.uk/?s=Sebamed&x=0&y=0&post_type=product


Overall, the pH balancing health and beauty products stocked by Just Online are all worth a try. By starting to think about how we use shampoo and soap on a deeper level, we can help preserve the health of our skin and make informed choices.