We at Just Online stock two useful medical and safety aid products that can be purchased by individuals; by stockists and retailers and by those who need to use these products in a larger setting.


The first product Just Online stocks in from Robinson Healthcare- the FastAid Pre-Injection Swabs (Pack of 100) https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/100-x-alcohol-swabs-wipes-for-injections-piercings-cleaning/. These swabs can be used to clean the skin via an alcoholic substance called isopropyl. These pads are perfect for cleaning the skin before injection or for use by tattoo artists before inking the skin. These wipes are, also, fibre free- so that excess material won’t end up on the skin.



Another great product stocked by Just Online is Soft & Pure’s Soft Cotton Wool Balls, 100% pure cotton, (Pack of 100). These can be found at https://www.justonline.co.uk/product/soft-and-pure-soft-cotton-wool-balls-pack-of-100/. These cotton wool balls are pure cotton and thus comfortable on the face and also highly absorbent- and therefore good for wiping oils and makeup off the face. This product is manufactured in Britain by Robinson Healthcare UK. We at Just Online recommend Soft & Pure’s Soft Cotton Wool Balls as a great combination between high quality and bulk buying- the pack we stock contains 100 wool balls for those who need an item for constant use. Robinson Health recommends these balls for use with toner, make-up remover and nail varnish due to their highly absorbent nature.


One doesn’t have to shop for personal medical supplies at big stores, and shops. The online market for personal health items is growing and Just Online is dedicated to stocking high quality, low-cost products for the conscious health consumer.